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Deep Purple show in Helsinki 29.09.1998

Just saw Deep Purple last night here in Helsinki! This was my first time I've seen them live in concert (got bootlegs fortunately...) but this was so much more!!
The setlist was the usual, but that didn't matter! New songs are so much better live than on the Abandon.
IG was in perfect condition! He didn't miss a note!
IP the greatest drummer in the world! He seems so relaxed up there!
SM - no words can describe this guy! He's the one that got me again into Deep Purple! So nice to hear Purple's guitar player to play solo and not just mess up... Absolutely SUPEEEEEERB!!!!
RG the backbone of the band! Seems to be having the most fun!
JL played the solo! What a great keyboardist!

The only thing about the show has missing is those few songs from Purpendicular! Bring them back and you've got a DP set to remember!

Marko Salo

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