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Concert Review Hanau

Saturday evening I experienced Deep Purple in Hanau. It was my 15th Deep Purple concert (since Mannheim 1985) - and it was one of the best! Here is my review (I hope, my English is a little better than Ian Gillan's German).
The band was in excellent form. They had more room for solos and improvisation than in the first part of the tour (I saw the concerts in Karlsruhe and Munich, when they played 3-4 songs more than in Hanau), and this was right!
Roger and Little Ian made their part so good as ever. Big Ian was superb. He was...something else! (I think, I've never heard his voice sounding sooo good in a live concert!). Jon and Steve were unbelievable. (I think I have never heard such solos on this planet!)
Purple kicked off with TED THE MECHANIC, followed by STRANGE KIND OF WOMAN. Here Steve and Jon shined with excellent solos. During this and the following BLOODSUCKER or BLUDSUCKER (whatever you like), Ian demonstrated that his voice is in an incredible form. (So he can risk to put on my hot-loved all-time-favorite Child in time on the set list again next time).
In PICTURES OF HOME Jon played an adorable solo. An interesting intro by Steve led into ALMOST HUMAN. In WOMAN FROM TOKYO Jon treated his piano so tenderly as it was the woman from Tokyo itself. After WATCHING THE SKY ans ANY FULE KNO THAT, Steve started a heaven-inspirated solo, and the audience listened devotional. One of the absolutely highlights!
After this, Steve played the intros of Led Zep's Stairway to heaven and Cream's Sunsine of your love (if I remember right) before starting SMOKE ON THE WATER. A lovely (but too short) solo from Jon led over to LAZY. In this song, Steve demonstrated, that he can play faultless in a incredible way, even when a full cup of beer hits his head. A grinning Ian Gillan dried his head and shoulders during Steve played uninterrupted. Respect to Steve, and shame on that stupid who threw the cup!
Then Ian announced "the title-track of an album. The album called Perfect Strangers. The song called PERFECT STRANGERS!" After this song Jon played a few lines from the German traditional song "Muß i' denn zum Städtele hinaus", and Ian explained, this was an Elvis-Song (in fact, it was!) and announced a ballad with erotic undertones. Of course it was SPEED KING, including:

  1. The greatest battle since King Kong versus Godzilla: Guitar God Morse versus Organ Lord Lord. Dramatic! Thrilling! Gigantic!
  2. Ian Paice's remarkable drum solo.
  3. Ian Gillan sings a little Jailhouse Rock.
  4. Another orgastic battle: With laughing, screaming, singing, yodeling, gurgling and an indelicate touch Big Ian fighted against Steve and his guitar.

This was the set, but of course they played two encores. Fans were in SEVENTH HEAVEN, when the band played this beautiful song. The last song was HIGHWAY STAR.
Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, and so 15 minutes later I was the Highway star - on my way home (in my very old car) - after 110 furious, delicious and marvellous minutes of Deep Purple - the greatest band in this quadrant of the universe!

Klaus Horn

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