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Deep Purple in Lisbon

I'd never seen Deep Purple live before, even though I've been a fan since I was 12 or 13 (16 years ago) and I can tell you it was well worth going to their gig here in Lisbon last Friday Sept 18th.

I knew about them coming to Lisbon for a few months, and wasn't really worried about not being able to get tickets for the show, since I knew well in advance about their coming here. As the concert date got closer there wasn't all that much publicity about the concert and very little airplay of Abandon or any other of their stuff; well the strangest thing happend, about a week before the concert when I decided it was time to buy the tickets they were completely sold out, that's when I got really desperate and was thinking that I would end up not seeing them live. After a few phone calls I managed to reserve 8 tickets at an agency that still had a few tickets, and even though the price was 30% higher it was well worth the price.

Like the earlier reviews for this gig the place was packed, and the show was superb. What I managed to take were about 25 photos even though all from the same angle, I plan to get them to you pretty soon to have them posted.

It's strange but DP had never been here before, because I can tell you that they really have a large group of followers here that would have really enjoyed seeing them earlier and more times, but who knows if from now on Portugal will definetlly be included on the European tour dates.


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