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Deep Purple in Madrid

Tuesday 15 september 1998, Deep Purple plays in Madrid.
The set has changed a little from the USA tour, they now start with Ted the Mechanic, and after SKOW.
There were a few surprises... IG was doing great, and... Steve Morse started superb (and this means a lot as I am the spanish leader of "Blackmore forever party" :))
But after a few songs I started to feel a lack of DP... IP and JL were not having a good night, or they were not very happy to be on stage in Madrid. Mr Lord did not play his solo.
The new songs worked very well, much more than in the album, that really pleased me.
It was overall a good concert, but just good. Purpendicular concert in Madrid had much more "power" than this one.
I don't want to forget Mr. Glover, great playing, very nice person, as he was always the last to leave the stage, and really superb tour program organized by him. Thanks again Mr. Glover.

I'll see a few more shows, maybe it was just the first one after a 15 days holidays, and they were warming up. :)


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