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DP Concert Grugahalle Essen, October 7th 1998

So, this is my impression of DP's performance in Essen in short words:

Absolutely faboulus!!!!

In detail:
Steve Morse's guitar work is incredible, absolutely outstanding. I've never heard somebody generating such sounds with a guitar. In fact he is not only a substitute for Ritchie Blackmore. He is a great contribution to the band with outstanding capabilities. To say it with Ian Gillan's words: SUPERB!
Also the other band-members did a great job this evening: Jon Lord producing his unique organ sound, Roger Glover contributing his faboulus bass basis, Ian Paice definitely at his best (especially his brilliant solo) and Ian Gillan, who still has a great voice, suffering from some weaknesses of course, but over all magnificent.
In addition, the band had a remarkable delight in playing together and I must say, that the ticket was worth every D-Mark spent on it.

The only things I've been missing were "Child in time", some more songs from "Purpendicular" and a little more response by the audience during some parts of the concert, in which it seemed to be older than the band, compared to their behaviour.

In conclusion it was a great evening and I'm looking forward to see Deep Purple on stage again soon.

Wouldn't it be a great idea to release a new official live album with material of this tour? I think so.

Thomas Nürnberger

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