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Deep Purple, KB-Hallen, October 1, 1998

I can just join the chorus of people praising Deep Purple's effort here in Denmark. I've seen DP four times (twice with Ritchie, once with Joe Satriani and now with Steve Morse) and this was surely the best concert so far.

The atmosphere in the sold-out arena was tremendous from the very first song (Ted The Mechanic) and lasted till the very end. Steve Morse was the star of the show. Although I've followed him for a long time in Kansas, Triumph and his own band, I was curious to see whether he would fit in. His playing on the night was superb and it was nice to see that they played so many new songs from "Abandon" which shows their confidence in the new material.

Best songs of the night were "Woman From Tokyo", "Strange Kind of Woman" and "Lazy" - whereas only "Perfect Strangers" disappointed a bit. The rest of the band played really well, seemed to enjoy themselves and were a bit amazed with the loud feedback from the audience. Great concert - great band.

Hope to see you soon again, but next time why don't you bring a serious support band with you. It's up to you seniors to help the up-and-coming bands get their chances and not playing it safe. I am sorry - but this was the second time in a row that you have brought a low-quality band to Denmark. We may come from a small country, but we do know good from bad.

Per Frederiksen

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