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The UK Shows

I thought I would add my thoughts on the latest UK shows;

Morse: Astonishing. This was the first time that I had seen Morse play since the 96 shows and I could not believe the transformation in both his playing and stage presence. Its nice to see a Purple lead guitarist actually contributing something positive. The rapport between Gillan and himself was a joy to watch. His solos were different each night and were imaginative and structured. All this and he smiles!!

Glover: Solid as ever. Roger holds down the set with a style which he has made his own. I had the fortune of sitting opposite him at Birmingham and could not believe how much work he gets through in a show.

Paice: What can be said that has not been said already?? As usual Paicey delivered a 101% performance every night.

Lord: Personally I felt a little disappointed with Jonís contribution and his solos were either non existent or very short. My girlfriend totally disagrees on this view and thought his performance at Glasgow was excellent.

Gillan: The guy just gets better and better. I only wish a certain guitar player who claims that Gillan has lost it was at any one of these shows as Gillan delivered night after night. Every high note was hit with power and feeling. I have seen Gillan too many times over the years to remember but this was without doubt one of his finest moments. Keep up the good work Garth!!

The band are obviously enjoying themselves and that shows through on stage. Watching The Sky for me was the hi-light of each show, but the biggest disappointment was Fingers To The Bone (my favourite track off the album ) which for some reason sounded empty and just did not come across powerful enough. But there again I have always been a picky sod!!

Jerry Witherstone

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