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Deep Purple review Ahoy October 12 1998

Here's my review. I'm an old heavy metal fan. Keeping warm memories to the time I played my tapes of

As we enter the arena British pride of the new wave of british heavy metal reminds us of the good old times. Motorcycle Men on Wheels of Steel. Quite an impressive performance, this really sets for a historic evening. Good atmosphere and I didn't appear to be the youngest person (27).

Deep Purple
Sometimes you have to wait too long before the major act starts. Not with them Purple maniacs. Their appearance came as a shock. And so they went on. Unfortunately too much of headbanging in my younger days (still younger) make me suffer from amnesia so I have no play list. As I write this down it's the end of October 14 so I stick with a short impression:

You should know I'm a keyboard/piano/church-organ - player, worshipping the Lord. Let me say he's the never disappointing, heroic, virtuous, creative, inspirative type of player you can build on. Jon, you're the man (Almost human)!

Compliments to this new guitarplayer you brought in. No Blackmore copy: authentic, fresh. Smile on his face playing Smoke on the Water. I can imagine his feeling. Accompanied by the rock legends of the seventies till now he freaking steals the show.

The voice was allright. So was the rhythm section.

The most important impression was: teamwork. Constantly looking, acting and reacting to each other, sharing a good time on stage.

Geert-Jan van den Brand

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