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Review Of Deep Purple In Helsinki '98

Tuesday evening on Helsinki and The Good Old DEEP PURPLE. What could be better than that? (Maybe same thing on Saturday evening!)

I don't wan't to repeat song list, you know it's more or less the same than on every other European tour.
So on to business...
I also had read, that Gillan is in great shape (or his voice is, not that the man is in BAD shape, of course!) and that was true. He used his famous high pitched YEOOW more than few times in the evening (Well I thank you... I THANK YUOUEEEWOU) or something like that! And the songs rocked and keeped on coming!
As many have said Steve Morse is NOT Blackmore, but I am so glad that he doesn't even try to be, that is the only way. He truly makes he's own footprints, he does NOT copy, he doesn't have to! I think think that DP are now a truly TIGHT group and they have great fun on stage, and that shows. Like in Nummirock -96, one of the best things was Pictures Of Home, it is AWESOME song! In a matter of fact, almost all of the songs were great.
Ted was opening track and it just rocked, you know easy song to sing-along and get to mood. Strange Kind.. Just more of rock'n'roll.
Bloodsucker, yeah mister Gillan IS in shape.
Pictures Of Home, to me one of the best songs on set.
Almost Human, Great playing, but this song just doesn't strike me very much!
Watching The Sky, another song that I don't like much :(
Woman From..., GREAT performance, I just LOVED IT!!!!
Any Fule..., This is in my mind one of the BEST songs from the new album, JUST GREAT!!
Morse Solo, guite interesting solo, he plays VERY well, but I must say that he's solos sound quite samey...(on songs at least)
Smoke..., what can you say? THE THING...
Jon Solo, Somebody said that the solo wasn't so good that it could have been..., and I must agree:( On Blackmore's last gig in Helsinki, Jon's solo was absolutely FANTASTIC, he played Sibelius in the middle and so on...)
Lazy, ABSOLUTELY fantastic performance this one, and by the way this is GREAT song (that mouth harmonica, it brings chill to your bones, every time, live or not!)
Perfect S, What can I say...Majestic song (missed the lasers, though)
Speed King, Yeah a truly SLOW one allright, Fantastic. Gillan showing his voice again! (How does he keep on going? You know He's as old as my father!)
Seventh Heaven, Didn't like much on album, but on live it was great, Paice's drumming was excellent!!
Highway Star, Excellent end to excellent show, DP is GREAT!

And yes Gillan was funny all over the show, speaking to his NOKIA phone (Not right now, darling, I'm in the middle of something). And he did wear a mask in some song, can't remember which is was...
To say one other thing, I took my little sister to see the show too, and can you believe it! She was totally in LOVE. After the gig on the very next day, she drawed the picture from the Battle Rages On's cover and took all of my DP cd's to listen!! And she was (or is) fan of Hanson, Spice Girls and so on!! So miracles can happen!

Miika Suominen

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