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Deep Purple, Phillipshalle in Düsseldorf, 9.10.98

Ooohhh, good work!!

What a night!!
Since 1977 I have enjoyed concerts of Blackmore's RAINBOW and since 1990 the best group of the world. I've seen more than 10 events and the boys becomes better from year to year like a good old wine (sorry guys). Now my review.
I think the Phillipshalle was sold out or nearly. 8000 people had to hear a group from Switzerland for 50 minutes. Young musicians with a lot of good will, but by God, not as a special guest of DEEP PURPLE. Jon came some minutes too late from a visit in London and so the five began at 9.30 pm.
For 100 minutes they are playing with fun, power and wonderful vibrations. Ian Gillan seemed to be a little sick, but with a lot of tea or maybe heavier stuff, he was the master of the scene. Ian Paice, Jon Lord, Roger Glover and Steve Morse (sorry, but for the last year, who is Ritchie Blackmore??) were superb!!!!
In the word of the audience: please come back. SOOOOOONNN!!

Uwe Kühla

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