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Deep Purple in London - Wembley Arena

Deep Purple played Wembley Arena on Wednesday 14/10, offering us all there two hours of awesome, kick-ass hard rock.

The band hit the stage at 20:30 with "Ted The Mechanic" and blazed their way through the set which was about the same as in previous gigs. A nice addition was "Perfect Strangers" which got a very enthusiastic response from the crowd. I can't remember all of the songs they played; some of them were "Bloosucker" (which Gillan dedicated to the band's management), "Smoke On The Water", "Lazy", "Pictures Of Home", "Speedking", "Black Night" (encore), "Highway Star" (encore), "Almost Human" (with a little bit of "Sweet Home Alabama" in the intro), "Any Fool Kno That" and "Watching The Sky". The older numbers were clearly the ones that the majority of the audience was there for; however, the "Abandon" songs were very well received, fit in perfectly with the rest of the set and,in my opinion,rocked as much as the older ones.

Personal highlights:
1.Steve Morse throughout the entire show. I could go on for pages about him! The guy was simply amazing! His solo before "Smoke On The Water" silenced us all! He played like there was no tomorrow and he didn't stop smiling and laughing the whole night.
2.Gillan's and Morse's "chat" during "Speedking". Gillan would sing, scream and mumble and then Morse would play the same notes on his guitar!

My only "complaint" is that they didn't play "Child In Time" or "When A Blind Man Cries". Still, I had a blast of a time to say the least. Great job DP, hope to see you again soon!

George Tzimas

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