[ d e e p P u r . p l e ) The Highway Star

Rotterdam 12 oct.

About a year ago I saw DP in Zwolle (Holland). Back then it was my first DP concert. It made such an impact that I had to see them again this year. Besides the fact that it was a bigger venue this year there were some other differences too. It seemed like the band was a bit tired of touring this year. They played a lot less "freaky". A good example of this are the solos of Ian Paice and Steve. They just couldn't get their solos on track.
I think the crowd also noticed this. Steve is a briljant guitarplayer but he can do a lot more than he showed that evening.

The songs (both old and new) sounded briliantly live. DP proved to be one of the best live acts around. Sound was very good. Nice drum sound, a lot of bass. One question: Why are the encores always that loud? I couldn't here Mister Lord at all in Highway Star.

Ian Gillan and Mr. Lord were the stars of the evening. Ian proved that he still could reach the high pitch notes in Bloodsucker. Mr. Lord played the best solo's in the songs. Steve repeated himself a little.

The setlist could have been a bit better. The first half they played a lot of "shuffle" songs. After three songs they start to sound alike. The second half consisted of more "classic" songs that soon made me forget a slow start.

DP is one of few bands that can make a song sound better live than on the album. A reason more to visit a concert.

Anko Mol

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