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Lisbon, Coliseum

I went to Deep Purple's concert last 18 Sept. It was a really great gig, many fans and many people interested in hearing good music. The guys were outstanding, with a lot of energy in stage (and though they're on the 50s). Ian Gillan is fabulous, Ian Paice more dynamic than ever, Jon Lord with his calm and knownledge, Roger Glover with a really great bass, and Steve Morse with his hallucinating solos, all those five guys made my, and all the portugese fans', dream come true.
   I hope for now on Deep Purple will always come to Portugal on their tours, because there are a lot of fans around this place.

   In the concert they played 5 songs from the new album (Abandon, which is a fabulous album), they also played the classics, like "Smoke on the Water", "Highway Star", "Lazy", "Woman from Tokyo", "Strange Kind Of Woman", among other songs.

   Deep Purple!! (Gillan, Morse, Glover, Lord and Paice), keep with the strength that you have, because I love you guys, and KEEP ROCKING!!

Gonšalo Ferreira

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