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Oviedo, Sept-20th The Setlist/Opinions

  1. Ted The Mechanic
  2. Stranges Kind Of Woman
  3. Bloodsucker
  4. Pictures Of Home
  5. Almost Human
  6. Woman From Tokyo
  7. Watching The Sky
  8. Any Fool Kno That
  9. Steve Solo
  10. Smoke On The Water
  11. Lord Solo
  12. Lazy
  13. Perfect Strangers.
  14. Speed King
  15. Seventh Heaven
  16. Highway Star.

They made a middley with something called "Sweet baby" or so, but I don't remember when. I saw it cited in a recent setlist.

A really GREAT performance but BAD BAD sound - Ted The...was simply noise!!

The show was in a bullring. I heard other bands at the same place (Mike oldfield...) and the sound was ok, I can't understand this, and I was disappointed about it.

The highest moments: Bloodsucker (Gillan carry his crying very high here), and the two GREAT long solos from Steve and Lord.

Incredible Steve. He can extract beautiful notes and strange sounds of his guitar. I think we can't compare him with Blackmore. Two greatest guitar players but different.

Lord: delicated piano and furious organ. He was incredible during all the show.

Lazy's version is more approximated at the studio, especially the way that Gillan sing it.

Speed King was exciting, with short solos from Paice and Steve/Lord.

I will like people's opinions about some things:
What about the sound: Probably the volume was so high for the place. Well, I prefer lower sound but clearer, because I like Purple music, not noise. IMHO

I think they are making too many shows. Maybe this can "burn" the band?

Excuse my English.


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