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Milan Review 16/7/99

Hi everybody, just arrived home from Purple's Milan concert.

Nothing left to say. SUPERB!!!!
Tracklist quite the same as previous shows I read on the web. Just trying to remember:

Pictures of Home
Ted The Mechanic
Strange Kind of Woman
Woman from Tokyo
Sometimes I Feel like screamin'
Watching the Sky
Space Truckin'
Steve's Solo
Smoke on the Water
Jon's Solo
Perfect Strangers
Speed King

Black Night
Highway Star

Beautiful show, Deep Purple will always rule and teach how to play great music. It doesn't matter if Ian wasn't at the top with his voice, he knew how to keep the band tight on stage.
The show was full of solos, instrumental duets between Steve and Ian Gillan, Steve and Ian Paice, Steve and Jon, Jon and Ian Paice. Great duets, the star of the show was, if there was still any doubt, Steve Morse. He rules, he knows how to play, and it's not just a matter of technique: he can do a beautiful intro, slow, soft like a violin and can then flow with an incredible power into a great solo - fast, furious and always melodic. It can't be compared to noone, even TMIB: he wrote history then, but now he disappeared and the results can be seen on stage: the band is enjoying themselves and the crowd. Thank you Steve and thank you Deep Purple.

I wish you will come here soon, and now I'm waiting for your next studio record.

Luca Re Garbagnati

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