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Deep Purple in Hamburg

Me and my two brothers (Fans since 1975) belived, that this was a great concert.

We went down to the concert a little bit later. I read, that there were playing other groups first.
So, the band begans to play. We stood a little bit outside, looked down and had a great riddle: Which band is playing now? I looked down and sayed: Hey, the man who is singing sings like Ian. But he has very short hair. It could not be Ian. My older brother said: Yes, but look at the man at the organ. He has very white hair. But he sounds like John. We all believed at this moment, that this was the band playing before! My younger brother said: The man, who is playing the drums, he played like Ian Paice. At this time, we looked at each other one moment...this is Purple. We went down, and had a great, a very great concert.

One thing I have to say: the first song they played ("The boys are back...") we had never heard in a concert before.

Once more: it was a great concert!!!

Thank you very much for being here. Thank you very much for playing these songs, thank you very much for playing "Sometimes I feel like..."

And in the end, thank you very much for playing all over the years this great music.

Heiko, Helge und Hajo Zühlke

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