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Deep Purple - Regensburg - June, 23

I have seen the band the last three years and I think, that the older the guys get, the more they have fun being on stage.

Remember 1997? I was thinking that Steve Morse doesn't ever smile...he was just staring into the audience. Yesterday he was laughing all the time, making jokes with Jon & Roger.

They opened with Thin Lizzy's "The boys are back in town"...quite a good start. What I really did appreciate was, that they didn't play these songs we have heard quite so often. Sure, "Child in Time" & "Fireball" are great songs but I preferred "Space Truckin'" much more.

One word about Steve...he's becoming more and more the frontman, taking over the whole show, and that's good. I think he isn't just a substitute for Ritchie - he's much more...a phenomenon.

...hey...I got Roger's handsigned plectrum...

Norbert Burkhard

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