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Deep Purple in Milano 07/16/99

My son (12) and I travelled from Switzerland (No concerts this year ?!?!) to see (and hear) our (!) favourite Rock-Band. We were in the first line to see the legend of Deep Purple.
"They Boys are really back in Town!!!" as the first song, then "Pictures of home", "Ted", "Strange kind of Woman" (with a super "conversation" between Steve and Jon!) and "Bloodsucker".

I think Ian, Steve and Roger were amused about a poster that was made by my son (without my help!).

After this "69", "Woman from Tokyo", "Sometimes I feel like Screaming" and "Watching the Sky".

Then one of my son's favourite songs: "Space Truckin'". I never saw him and me so crazy anytime (Ian, what do you think about your fans?).

- Steve's Solo: Full of new idea's (Heartbreker etc.), loud and superb!
- Lazy with Ian in Bermuda shorts!!! It was really hot (music and air).
- A little guitar and then "Smoke on the water" - Jon's Solo and "Perfect Strangers" as usual great!!!
And now "The Moment!" --> "Speed King" (the greatest song forever). Ian and Steve with a crazy duel and the end: Power, Power, Power!!!

Now my son ask: "Is that the end?". I said: "Oh no, now it's a beginning!!!". And really, the "boys" came back and started the encores with "Black Night".

Like everytime, the crowd is singing and crying and it is beautiful to see Deep Purple here in Italy together with my son!

To the end of the show : "Highway Star" --> No Words, still fantastic.
Thank you Ian, Roger, Jon, Ian and Steve for this great evening in our life.

We hope you will come soon to Switzerland. Thanks and good bye!

Pascal and Arthur Schelbli

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