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Review Weissenfels, Germany 5 Jun 99

The weather forecast for this day with an open air show wasn't good, but the guy in the "seventh heaven" must be a dp fan, a little rain falls at the time of waiting and a few drops at the end of the show.
This evening we heard two regional bands as opening acts, one from Weissenfels itself (sorry, name???) and the other from Chemnitz, called "Faust". Their music was very different, but all of them took pains. I couldn't understand, that many people in front of the stage can not show a little respect for other music styles, like [what] "Faust" is playing.
The main act begun at 10 pm and Purple played a great gig. The set was the same as in Heppenheim and the musicians were very funny the whole evening. I hoped that the building, the old castle, would not break down from Ian's screams. The walls of the castle also enjoyed the sound of the best hardrockers on earth. The places of bandmembers well known like everytime from left to right: Roger, drumming Ian, Jon, Steve and in front of the stage the "screaming" Ian with short hair, my wife: "Pretty!"
This was my 6th event with DP and I think, every time the band will be better. There is a lot of fun on the stage and everyone in the audience is feeling that all the bandmembers give their best to satisfy the fans. Sum of the evening: a new unforgettable happening.
At one point I have to express my opinion: the prices for merchandising products are climbing higher and higher. Where is the end, the fans are not all millionaires.

Klaus Wolf aus Leipzig

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