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Review 5-øren Denmark June 13 -1999

This is only a short, very short, review from an old Purple-fan, who saw them for the first time ever.

In my opinion, they played fantastic when they "stayed on the old track" on their old songs. In the middle of their classic tracks, the new and very talented guitarist Steve Morse should have kept his fingers for himself, instead of interfering with solos in their classic tracks. His solos was awsome, but not in those songs! If they should experiment and renew themselfes, do it on the newer tracks. It's like putting a plastic bumber and a CD-player in a 1957 Chevy! When I got home I put "Made In Japan" on my stereo...

The intro with the old Thin Lizzy-song was impropriate, that's not the way to begin a Purple-show.

Besides that, it was a GREAT SHOW, too bad that the volume had been lowered 20 dB at 5-øren compared to last year, because of complaints from the sorroundings. You couldn't as usual FEEL the music, only hear it.

See you again.

Finn Hortsøe

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