[ d e e p P u r . p l e ) The Highway Star

Parkbühne Wuhlheide,June 22th,Berlin

This is my review about the Berlin-concert. Ca. 3500 visitors.

The boys were back in town and every Berlin-Purple-fan was there. Magic in the air, a beautiful moon and a good sound. The beginning (20:40 pm) of the concert was a little bit too fast.We were surprised! My daughter asked me: "Is this the special guest group?". It's excusable, she s only 12!
Ian`s voice was in high quality, but he forgot some words or changed them ("Watching the sky", "Perfect strangers"). The performance Gillan/Morse was great! It`s amazing, like the boys understand it, to have fun on stage and with the public. It seems, there is a very big harmony between the members of DP. Big surprise: the "Blues suede shoes" interpretation. Very nice!
I missed songs like "April", "Knocking at your backdoor". Where are the songs from "House of the blue light"? (By the way, I like the live interpretation from "69" more than the album version.) "Strange kind of woman" was great!!!
Ending of the concert was 22:40 pm. The encore was "Black night" and "Highway star" - like always! Whatever, it was great, great, great! But friends, it's true - we all get older - thats life! But you, Deep Purple, give us our memories back. We are waiting on the next album and see you next year (hopefully) in Berlin?!
PS. I think, it's time, to recognize the Mark III version of DP. I miss songs like "Soldier of fortune", "Mistreated" or "Burn". Courage, Ian!!!

Greetings from Germany,
Bettina Demus

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