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Review: Heppenheim, Freilichtbühne

Now, as everything is said about the concert and the setlist etc. I also want to leave a little comment on the concert.

I am a Deep Purple fan for about 20 years and have seen them in different line-ups. Playing with Steve Morse I have seen and heard them 4 times (München, Köln, Karlsruhe and Heppenheim). Every time I am astonished about the quality of the concert. After having seen them in Munich in 1996 I thought that there could be no concert like this again. But it is always great to see the band again!
The feeling at Heppenheim was this "Open Air Feeling" with the people being a big family. The band on the stage was having fun, they played rock music at it's best. Let me say THIS IS A BAND! That means that there are five musicians (at their best), who do not go on stage just to play - no - they celebrate a concert and play together. One can feel their experience of lots of years.

And there always are some surprises in the program. Sometimes I really didn't know what could be the next following song (except "Smoke..." for example). These guys have fun playing their music and we also have it. In Germany we would say that they play "sincere" rock music.

One sentence to the band - if they perhaps read this lines: keep on playing like this! I will always be there to see you again!!! My forever favorite and also the best band in the world.

Georg Wagner (The man in the group with the lights)

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