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Review for the concert on July 9th in St.Poelten, Austria

Before I start getting euphoric, I really found a bad thing about the concert: Gillan looks terrible with his cut hair.
The rest of the two hour free(!!!) open air concert was simply brilliant. Great songs(no big surprise) played by 50 year olds with the energy of teens. When Morse and Glover play together, they appear as if they had never done anything else in their lives, Gillan hammering on his congas like a madman, Lord simply perfect in the background and Paice good as ever (even tough his solo was not that special).
The best part of the concert: Morse first playing a long solo with the rest of the band joining in for a brilliant instrumental part. After that Morse, Glover and Paice started playing parts of some of the best rock songs there are, like "Whole lotta Love" and "Foxy Lady" just to kick off the greatest rock-hymn afterwards: "Smoke on the water".
After that, a completely enthusiastic crowd waited for "an Austrian traditional played in a country way" ending as "Speed King".
I could tell of tons of other great things during the gig, but I'll make it short. It was simply rock as it should be. Five people playing their music with a lot of energy, having fun with it and a crowd that could't be any better.

The Playlist (as far as I remember and as I know the songs)
Ted the mechanic
Strange kind of woman
Watching the sky
Sometimes I feel like screaming
Woman from Tokyo
Smoke on the water
Speed King
Black Night
Highway Star
(no guarantee about the correct order and the amount of songs, that's just as far as I remeber today)

Mathias Tausig

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