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Review: Deep Purple, 04/06/1999 Heppenheim

I'm just back from the show in Heppenheim.

I'll make this a short one, I have to catch some sleep before I'm back on the road to the next show in Weissenfels.

It was an Open Air [venue], around 3000 People, weather was lousy (lots of rain).

Support was "Paddy goes to Hollyhead" which played for half an hour.

From my point the sound wasn't too good, too much bass and a little bit muddled.

I'll run this down by the songs they played.

The set (prepare for several surprises):
Pictures of home
Strange choice for an opener imho, but a powerful version and longer than usual.

Ted the mechanic
Good as always.

Strange kind of woman
An alltime favourite of the audience.

Bludsucker Nice and heavy.

69 (oh yes, I've been waiting for this for so long)
Long version with long soloparts, but it was obvious that it needs some more work.

Woman from Tokyo
Another audience favourite.

Sometimes I feel like screaming (yes!)
Great version.

Watching the sky
The second of three from /-\, very powerful.

Space Truckin'
Very heavy, only much too short...

Guitar solo
Not much new, brilliant as ever.

Gillan this time without his hat.

"A Parade"
Steve on guitar playing snippets of several well-known rock songs, we got some Hendrix, Cream, ZZTop, Kinks, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and many more...and some autstanding guitarplaying.

Smoke on the water
I guess this song is inevitable.

Keyboard solo
This alone is worth the money.

Perfect Strangers
A killer every time.

Speed King
With bass solo, drum solo, guitar-keyboard duel, vocals-guitar duel and "Blue suede shoes"!!

The encores
Seventh heaven

Highway Star

A quick rundown by persons: Big Ian was in top form, Steve must have been on speed or something, you couldn't watch as fast as his fingers moved, little Ian solid and powerful as ever, Roger's bass tight and to the point as always, Jon with lots and lots of energy.

One of the best shows of the current tour...

Christian Rutz

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