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Review Koln, 25th of June

Will they ever stop smiling?
Smiles all over the place on stage Friday the 25th of June in the Palladium in Köln.
A very nice hall, an old factory building I suppose, beautifully transferred into a concert hall. Very intimate.
Deep Purple entered the stage at nine o'clock and from that time on, like I said, smiles all over the place. Those guys are enjoying themselves! I thought I had seen it all last October in Düsseldorf and Rotterdam, but no, this was even better.
Great sound! Everything was crisp and clear. Gillan very powerful, the Hammond growling, the drums sounding like drums (not so those two concerts last year) the bass very powerful, sometimes I got the impression of an earthquake going on, the PA was very close to overload and Steve had a great sound as well.
Standing close to the stage I could see all the interaction between the members. The jokes between big Ian and Jon the moment Ian is walking backstage, the fun big Ian has with Steve. A lot of Gillanisms: "in the evening it is getting dark, in the morning not...".
I have never seen a band so happy and enjoying themselves on a stage and that after all those years. The happiness works as a fuel, lots of energy and great music. What more can I say? Go and see them if you have a chance!

Peter Severijn

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