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DP show in Balingen

I saw Deep Purple together with DIO as the headliner on the last Saturday. DIO was great and his guitar player played very well. I enjoyed some tracks like "Holy Diver", "Rock 'n' roll children", "Heaven and hell" and "Stargazer".
DP came out very late around 9.30 PM, have you got the setlist from that show before? I wrote the all songs they played for you! ha..ha
1. Pictures of home.
2. Ted the mechanic.
3. Blud sucker.
4. 69.
5. Strange kind of woman.
6. Sometimes I feel like screaming.
7. Woman from Tokyo.
8. Watching the sky.
9. Space truckin.
10. Keyboard intro to Lazy.
11. Steve Morse long solo guitar ca 12 minutes.
12. intro to Smoke on the...
13. Perfect strangers
14. Speed king inc drum solo, Roger bass solo, and guitar riffs medley Stairway to heaven, Whole lotta love, Brown sugar, Back in black.
15. Seventh heaven.
16. Highway star.
That is all songs that I noticed...and it is good to know that Ian Gillan has a very short hair.

John Oetomo

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