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Milan and Rome

I attended both the dates. Just amazing, as big Ian uses always to say!!!
Rome: the best show I've ever seen, since my first Dp concert in Italy in 1987!!! Thanks to Steve Morse. He has conquered me; I saw him last year in Torino and by that time I was already satisfied...all the band had big fun and the audience too. But this time, when I was in first row at both of the concerts, I have been very impressed by his technique and confidence with his guitar. I think it is not simple to play with DP (ok,he is a DP member,he is as much DP as the others are) as he does. Simply fantastic!!!
I am happy because among the crowd there were many young people (the kid near me was just thirteen years old, I'm 32).
I have no other words except that I would like to see DP again and again, in Italy or somewhere else in the world.
Sorry,but...long live Deep Purple!!!

Michele Molinari

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