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Review, concert 12/6-99

On the 12th of June DP was headlining the "Sweden Rock Festival" (formerly known as the "Karlshamn Rock Festival"). The setlist was (as I recall) the same as in Weissenfels, Germany with a few comic changes. DP played this festival in both 1994 and 1996 so they did a version of the chorus of Thin Lizzys "Boys Are Back In Town" to let us know that they were. I read that they do that from time to time, and I enjoyed that they did since they really shouldn't. :o)

Then the setlist was the same. They kicked of with "Pictures Of Home" and had a long jam already in that first tune (incl. "The Mule" among other things). And so it went on. If you have read Christian Rutz's reviews you pretty much know how it went down. I have a confession to make; this was the first for me to see DP with Steve Morse and it surely was a pleasant experience compared to the Satriani gig on the same festival in 1994.

Steve's "Parade" was a fun piece. I guess no one has missed the point; To play some of the worlds most worn out (and best) guitar riffs of all times ("Sweet Home Alabama", "Back In Black", "Little Wing", "Crossroads" and more) ending with the most worn out, slaughtered (and best?) of them all: "Smoke"... This night he also included "Panama" which was fun since David Lee Roth just got off the other stage on the festival 10 minutes before DP started their show.

When Ian and Steve had one of their little vocals vs. guitar jams, and Ian rhymed on the fact that the stage was quite slippery due to some rain, I heard something. I'm sure that Steve played the melody (and chords) for Ricky Martins "Living La Vida Loca" but unfortunately Ian didn't hear that and went on with something else. Well, well at least I had a great laugh about it.

All in all it was a great gig, and even if I am one of the worlds greatest Ritchie fans there still was one hell of a band on stage yesterday, no one can argue with that. And I'm sure that Roger's statement "I love being in a happy band" goes for all five of them. And that is all that counts!

Peace & love
Micke Danielsson

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