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Ulm 20.6.

Since there's nobody commenting the Ulm event I have to write a very short note.

Setlist as before (see Dresden).

The band were in an exceptional good mood, very relaxed but frightening good.
They ARE one of the best live-bands in the world.
Gillan's vocals fine and screamy.
Steve had not his best day but very good performance.
Roger solid as ever with a solo in "Speed King".
Jon Lord - he even talked! His playing was great (as it usually is), some Beethoven in his solo but it was too short (all solos were too short).
Ian Paice: Well, what a drummer!!!!!! He played really like his life was depending on it.
He's close to drum god (I am a drummer and I know what I'm talking about).
Someone should put a website together just for Paicey.

The concert was terrifying super!

Jochen C. Martin

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