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Lisbon Concert - 28 July 1999!!!

Last wednesday I went to Purple's concert. They let us in about 20:10 and at 21:00 a band called "Tarântula" begined to play, they are good, they play that satanic sound like Sabbath.

Half an hour later...

The GREATEST, THE SUPER, THE WONDERFUL DEEP PURPLE went on stage, and they started with "The boys are back in town" but just the chorus, but then the drum solo for "Pictures of Home" turned everybody crazy! What a great song played live, then (I don't remember the songs in order to the setlist) "Strange kind of woman" with a diferent notes intro, the same structure but not the same notes!. Then "Bloodsucker" which I love and played live it is a great song to put everyone shaking hands and yelling. Then the SUPERB "TED THE MECHANIC" which I love and everybody love, this song is already a classic!!!! "Watching the sky" is also a classic, the beat is exciting and the boys play it fantastic. The set list goes on and I prefer to talk about the band instead of the songs!

Steve Morse is a great guitarist and I don't accept any substitute like I read in an interview to Gillan or Glover, Morse is not a replacement for Blackmore, he's already a member of the band (and what a memeber). His solos seem to be from another planet, during SIFLS he does a solo excellent! And that particularity of play classics of rock is excellent and because the last is always the best he play SOTW and everyone go crazy. I like him very much and apart from being a Blackmore crazy and fanatic I got to tell you guys that Morse is the only guitar player that fits SUPERB in Deep Purple, right now!!!! I'm with u Morse!!!! Another thing that I would love if u could answer me is how do u do that thing in the begining of "Highway star", it really sounds like a motor [Two words: whammy bar! :^) - Ed.]!!!!

Jon Lord was great in this concert very energetic, very fast. I loved him and in "Speed King" he responds to the guitar very well. I loved it and he is better than ever.

Roger is the bass player of the year, of the century, of the millenium - he is the greatest, when he did his solos everybody went nuts. He is really superb.

Ian Paice - what a man! My God, superb beat, and in his solo he is better than ever and when he stops and he starts that one hand thing... Oh my God he's the man..."Ian Paice the man on the drums yeah"!!!!

Ian Gillan, the superb singer who screamed a lot in this concert - very uch energy, lots of comedy. He went out to the audience twice and twice he shook my hand - can u believe it? But is voice is better than ever and one thing I got to tell you is that his voice has improved since CHOHW and u can see it in LATO 96 and on TA 99 and I can prove it because I went to the concert and he was just marvellous.

Conclusion: The boys are all in great shape, in the best shape I would say and the concert should have been recorded because apart of the superb performance of the boys, the audience was radiant and in Paice's solo he even had to stop because of the applauses. JUST A GREAT NIGHT!!!

Now I'll see u guys in the RAH at London - 26 Sept.

Ah and I'm already impatient for the next album!

The super fan,

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