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A.Band.On. São Paulo 21/03/99

Last Night in São Paulo. 17:43. There I was, waiting for the guys dressed in black to open the doors, what happened at 19:00. I jumped to first of the line, so at 19:02, there I was, nothing between me and stage, just 1 m. of free space. 20:46, at the left side of the stage, behind a lot of things I could see Jon Lord talking with the crew. 21:11. Lights off. YEAAAAHHH!!!! Now, nothing between me and DEEP PURPLE.

- Ted The Mechanic
- Strange Kind Of Woman (solo: Morse vs. Paice - something from Dixie Dregs)
- Bloodsucker
- Pictures Of Home
- Almost Human
- Woman From Tokyo
- Watching The Sky
- Fireball - Into The Fire (just to finish Fireball)
- Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
- Steve Morse Solo ("Cascades" solo - like whales singing - and end from "Cascades" - just instrumental part, "Moby Dick" and "Wanna Whole Lotta Love" - Led Zeppelin and "Iron Man" - Black Sabbath)
- Smoke On The Water
- Jon Lord Solo (wonderful)
- Lazy
- Today DP didn't play "Any Fule Kno That"
- Perfect Strangers
- Speed King (solo: Morse vs. Lord, Paice solo, Morse vs. Gillan - brilliant)

Today everybody sings Black Night a few seconds and "Deep Purple" after, until they came back.

- Black Night
- Highway Star
23h55m - that's all folks.

After "Speed King", Ian Paice gave me his drum stick, I think this is the name to that piece of wood that makes a wonderful sound in the right hands. I think it was a "gift" for the 3 nights.

Hey, when I arrived home, I could get the last moment from a great interview with Ian Gillan and Ian Paice, to Backstage program, when they talked about songs like Burn, what they would like to play (Gillan - "Place in Line", Paice - "Living Wreck") and more. The interview will be reprised. More information call Vitão Bonesso at backstage@regra.net and www.programabackstage.com.

More. 25/03 Workshop with Ian Paice, at KVA, I already got the ticket and I will send you a review and maybe some pictures.

More details? mavimo@zipmail.com.br

Marcel Vinicius

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