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Deep Purple Melbourne Australia

I was lucky enough to work as a local crew member on the Deep Purple show in Melbourne Australia on 20.04.99. I saw them about 15 years ago (1984) as a punter when they played here on the Perfect Strangers Tour. (Gillan also did a solo tour about 6/7 years ago playing the pubs.)
It was a pleasure to work with an international touring crew & people from local production companies who were all polite friendly people. It was amusing to see most of the local crew all enjoying the show instead of sitting in the crew room drinking coffee. Normally most of the local crew arrives 30 min before load out time but at this show most of them were standing out the front before showtime. It was loud colorful & tight. The show was about 2 hrs long & impressive. The show was filmed by a video company which I think you are aware of.

Last night 27.04.99, Deep Purple played their final Australian pub gig at the Palace in Melbourne.
It was a dream come true to see the band in a pub enviroment. The vibe & atmosphere was so incredible in a room full of 2500 drinking die hard fans. It was great seeing the guys playing a smaller room up close & I only wish that this show had been the one that was filmed for the video.

Either way, there is at least 20 local workers down here waiting for the video's release & the next time the band tour. Hopefully it will not be another 15 years.

Peter Mills

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