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Review of Santiago gig, March 31st

    I must say that March 31st gig in Santiago Chile, was AWESOME...
    Considering Deep Purple's history in Chile (the disaster that happened in 96 when Purple was playing the night's second song, and a light tower, full with people, fell on top of many others, killing 2... and the security problems that were evident on the band's concert scheduled for March 30st) you may say that the Chilean fans (like me) were very anxious for the show.
    Well, It was worth the wait. Everyone sang along with Gillan and the guys. The band not only showed their usual musical quality, but gave the fans an amount of energy and adrenalin never before seen by them (us). They ended the show with the all time hit, Highway Star and left everyone very happy.
    I definately give the show an A+.

Eduardo Stern

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