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Right man for the job

Sometimes I feel like screaming, and I did it yesterday at the Drøbak show. The guys are getting better and better. All the guys was in really god mood. About 5000 spectators and I could feel the good atmosphere of rock´n roll.

The sound from the PA was perfect from where we stood (my brother and I). Don Airey did a very good job - some mistakes here and there but overall very god job, and it was no problem to hear the keyboards and the Hammond. The right man for stepping in for JL. Roger and Steve looked at Don a few times just to tell him "you are doing a god job"

Especially Ian Gillan was in a very god mood, laughing and joking all the time. They also did some old 50s rock'n'roll tunes which was very funny.

Some of the highlights were "When A Blind Man Cries", "Hush" and "Ted The Mechanic".

D H Dahlby

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