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Gillan stole the show

Loved the show. Ian Gillan was at his best. He was dead on. Didn't know losing weight also had an added benefit. No, jokes apart, truly he was "superb". As the others in amd-p (newsgroup) have said, he did show up bare feet wearing a shocking pink shirt. He lost his shirt (no pun intended) after the first song. Changed into a white one. They started out late and must have fallen behind on time and ended up not playing "Hush". The rest was pretty much the setlist. I liked the little medley jamming that they cooked up. That was neat. But truly it was Gillan who stole the show... Maybe because these days I expect him not to be able to hit the high notes once in a while or sing a little flat here and there.

Pity I couldn't video tape the show. Though short, it was truly one of the very best shows of recent times that I have seen. I had bought a new 4 hour battery and a new Hi-8 HME tape hoping I could smuggle my camcorder in. As I approached the gate, I saw I had no chance... The way they were shaking people down and their blankets. I lost my nerve at the last minute and went back and left it in the car. That got me in a little late so I don't know who the actual opening act was. Call me chicken! [Chicken! :-) Rasmus] But it was broad daylight, too many ushers hanging around and I had an aisle seat. In the end I don't think it would have worked out.

Finally, I didn't realize Lynyrd Skynyrd was this big. In fact, I am a little depressed that the pavilion suddenly filled up and they had the crowd on their feet all through - some wearing the confederate flag as capes or wrapped around them, confederate t-shirts, bandanas. Damn them! (Just my personal feelings here.) Whereas during Purple it was just me and a few folks scattered here and there that were screaming and dancing. My voice is still hoarse from yesterday. I wore The Highway Star t-shirt but didn't notice anybody else wearing one. Purple rules!

Amit Roy

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