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Rock and Roll is about attitude not age

Greetings and salutations Purple Fans. What a spectacular concert this was. There were well over 3,000 people in attendance who witnessed the mighty Purple. The show was sold-out. The only seats that were unoccupied was the upper deck seats behind the crane camera (?) area. I was told by staff that wouldn't allow fans to sit in this area. However the rest of the upper deck was stacked. Anyway back to the show...

By now you have all read the setlist so I won't repeat it. Instead I'll concentrate on the highlights. I enjoyed the setlist especially the songs such as "No One Came", "Mary Long", "When A Blind Man Cried", "Fools", "Ted The Mechanic", "Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming", "Hey Cisco", "Woman From Tokyo", "Perfect Strangers", "Smoke On The Water", "Lazy", "Hush", "Highway Star", "Speed King"... I guess I loved em all!

Paicey's solo was better than the ones on "Total Abandon" and RAH DVD's. Lord and Glover were just as spectacular. Morse was awesome (to hell with Blackmore, who needs him, certainly not DP!) and Gillan just continues to amaze. This guy is just the best damn rock singer period. The 250 miles I drove to get there (Tampa to Ft. Lauderdale) were well worth it. My only complaint was that there were no "Abandon" songs. I would have loved to hear "Any Fule No That" and "'69"... Maybe I'll get a second chance on June 15. (They did not play these two songs when I saw them last time on August 6, 1998 either.) My girlfriend also enjoyed the concert... This coming from a Britney Spears fan. Anyway, can't wait for the DVD. You won't be disappointed!!!

Best quote of the night came from Dave Mason:
"Rock and Roll is about attitude not age".
Well put.

Chris Niforatos

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