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Never seen a guitar player smile so much

Last nights show was terrific! After waiting 30 years, I finally got to see DP. What a treat it was. The band was great. The sound was fabulous. They really seemed to be enjoying themselves on stage. The feedback from the small crowd was excellent. The songlist was the same from the first show except they added "Hush" to the encore. That was an extra treat.

Highlights of the night were "Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming", "Perfect Strangers" (awesome), "When A Blind Man Cries", "Hush" & "Highway Star". Steve Morse's guitar playing was great. This band definitely doesn't need Mr. Blackmore ever again. He can't hold a candle to Steve. I've never seen a guitar player smile so much. He was having a blast. Can't wait to see them again next month in Lafayette.

Nugent put on a pretty good show for only 35 minutes playing time. "Free-For-All" and "Stranglehold" were the highlights.

Skynyrd were awesome. Such a high energy show. People, when you go to this show, don't leave without seeing them. They really kicked ass!

Sammy Romeo

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