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I was proud of Deep Purple today

Just got back from the show. Here's a setlist and my thoughts.

"Woman From Tokyo"
"Ted The Mechanic"
"Knocking At Your Back Door"
"Pictures Of Home"
"Perfect Strangers"
"When A Blind Man Cries"
Steve's riffs: (not in order & I may have missed a few)
~"Back In Black"
~"Sweet Home Alabama"
~"Stairway To Heaven"
~"You Really Got Me"
~ ? James Gang tune
"Smoke On The Water"

"Highway Star"

All three bands sounded great and are in top form. Ted Nugent played a short set of mostly classics. My fav's were "Paralyzed" and "Great White Buffalo" (including a flaming arrow through his guitar).

Deep Purple was the big thrill (of course) for me. The band was tight and Gillan's voice sounded great. This was a mostly Skynyrd crowd judging from the t-shirts, but they seemed to really enjoy Deep Purple. Morse's classic rock riffs were especially well received.

I'm only a casual Skynyrd fan and I thought they were superb. Johnny Van Zant looks and sounds so much like his late brother Ronnie that it's spooky. They also played mostly well known stuff and closed the show with "Freebird".

I was proud of Deep Purple today. They put on a hell of a good show. I should also mention that the crowd was a mix of teenage kids, to old geezers in their 50's.

Now who's got a tape???

Rich S.

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