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Hello everyone! Just got back from PNC, I must say it was absolutely fantastic, did NOT even stay for Lynyrd Skynyrd, no offence, but you just cannot top Deep Purple.

The crowd was standing from start to finish. I would say about 18000 strong. They are a true asset to entertainment. You just get a feeling of pride being a DP fan. In my opinion they should be playing the Giant's stadium! A new song was added, one of my favs: "Knocking At Your Back Door". Outstanding. They sound as strong as ever, and look as happy as ever. Do not miss them!!!!! You have to see them to truly feel the magic. Also, thank you everybody at The Highway Star for all your hard work. I really appreciate it - I read the reviews every day. To Deep Purple... THAAAAANK YOUUUUU VERY MUCH. Truly the best band at the present time. Great show!!!!!!!

Bill Moln

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