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My son also enjoyed it

First time seeing Deep Purple last night at the Target Center, with 14-year-old son and wife. I have listened to them since 1970 and still have all the old LPs and some new ones in CD format of course. Disappointed that it was so short, and with short set I think they should have played more of their big tunes from "Machine Head", "Fireball", and "In Rock".

Ian's voice is still excellent and Steve Morse being the only non original band member did an excellent job replacing Blackmore. The set list has already been mentioned in previous reviews, but each song was done with excellent quality by all band members especially Ian. I felt the sound from the band was a bit too low when compared to Skynyrd and Ted but of very good quality.

It was not a Deep Purple crowd, especially where I was sitting which took away from the show, but my wife really got into them and my son also enjoyed them. I can't wait too see the DVD from the longer show in Florida and I agree with other reviews that Deep Purple should have been the headliner.

I also feel they were on tour with the wrong bands. Skynyrd and Ted also did a good job, I watched all the show and they kind of go together, southern rock and Ted's Blood Brothers, but Purple did not fit in here with the type of rock and the crowd. They would have been better say with all British Bands like Def Leppard, iron Maiden or even Tull/Uriah Heep just to mention a few. Don't get me wrong I loved the show and feel very happy that I got a chance to see them with my family but something for me was missing and it was the atmosphere.

I am from Winnipeg Canada and I drove to Minneapolis, MN for the weekend to see the show and visit Mall Of America. Still do not understand why Deep Purple do not come to Canadian cities where they still have a very strong following. They are only playing Toronto too bad. Anyway, I still recommend to go see the show if you're a Purple fan as they can rock with the best.

Nugent and his Blood Brothers and Skynyrd also put on a good show. Overall we had a great weekend in the US of A. and the people in the beautiful city were friendly.

Randy Wheadon

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