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Morse was not Blackmore

Saw Purple last night. They were sandwiched between Nugent and Skynyrd. Gillan was on top of his game. The band was tight as expected. Morse was not Blackmore. I didn't expect him to be, but I did expect some guitar showmanship. Guitar antics have always been a big part of purple. Don't get me wrong, Morse plays well. Probably technically more consistent than RB, but some of the personality was missing.

They played a castrated version of "Lazy", close to the album, no extended guitar solo. They cut "Pictures Of Home" off after the bass solo. I was stunned.

"Smoke On The Water" - I got up to go to the bathroom. "Hush" and "Woman From Tokyo" - tight but yawn.

Blackmore gets up there and shows you that he is playing guitar. Morse didn't stray far from the band and never played a solo outside of the requirements of the song. [And? Rasmus]

Rex Mundi

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