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Nugent, Purple, Skynyrd - a unique combination

Before I begin, I must say a very large thank you to the folks at WAAL - FM in Binghamton, NY and a hello to all the folks who took the WAAL Party Bus to the show!

After being extremely disappointed in 1993, (a scheduled Binghamton show, along with the entire U.S., being cancelled) I finally had the chance to see Deep Purple do what they do best - performing live!

After so many years, the drive and the desire are still very much there. The classics are still fresh sounding... the deeper cuts were great to hear live ("No One Came" and "Fools"). Gillan's voice was as he would say, "Superb!" Lord, Paice and Glover were making it all look so easy. Steve Morse... Wow! Ritchie who?

Do I have any gripes about the show? Indeed I do! The set was way too short. There was no time to showcase the excellent newer material. Perhaps on the next tour... After the encores were complete ("Hush" and "Highway Star"), you were left with the feeling that the show just got started.

About the tour itself... It was a unique combination having Ted Nugent, Deep Purple and Lynyrd Skynyrd on the same night. Everyone played excellent sets. If you get the opportunity to catch this show... Do It!

Eli Narvaez

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