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"Space Truckin'"???

"You saw them last night?"

"Yes I did, in Indianapolis."

"Did they play "Space Truckin'"?"


"Why not, it's a good song?"

"I don't know, I'm not with the band."

"Damn, I wish they would play "Space Truckin'", it's a good song. You sure they won't play "Space Truckin'"? Why don't you ask Roger up on stage to play it?"


(This conversation actually took place, only this has been heavily edited for time...and space.)

Second row center in front of Roger for this one, and my ears are still ringing. Good performance, with "Pictures Of Home" in and "Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming" bumped. A bit more subdued audience than last night in Indy, but still Purple went down a storm. Both shows had, I would guess, about 12,000-15,000 in attendance. Really full.

Gillan sounded even stronger than last night. I could hear him singing from the stage as I was too close to get a good listen with the P.A. Whatever he's done for his voice has worked. Absolutely amazing! Other than little things that the band has slipped in during solos and such, the performance could have been a live DVD of last night's show, exactly the same moves, songs etc. Real safe.

I noticed that out of three shows, not one "I thhhhhhaaaAAAAAANNNNNNNNNKKKKK YYYOOOUu"!!! Maybe that's why Gillan is spot on it? Thanks to the guys for a great 33 years (more or less). It's been superb. Oh yeah, and could you please play "Space Truckin'"?

Chris Parsons

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