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I want a picture with y'all

I saw Deep Purple in Omaha, Nebraska on June 9th. Ted Nugent played first and really sounded good. Then, Deep Purple came on and WHAT a show they put on! It was great seeing them for the first time... I have been a fan for years!

Ian Gillan sounded GREAT! I was pleasantly surprised. I mean, I knew they sounded good, but, they sounded DAMN good during this performance! They all seemed so crisp and clean. They are all obviously very groomed and very talented musicians. Getting to see Steve Morse play with them was spectacular! This guy is FLAWLESS! WOW! I was with four other guitarists at the show and they all agreed, hands down, Steve was "Da Man" on the guitar this night. Of course, Roger Glover most certainly did spectacularly, along with Jon and Ian P. Thank you gentleman! You guys KICKED A$$!! Stole the show!

I REALLY wanted to get a picture with the guys, especially since I have ALWAYS LOVED their music, but, unfortantely, I did not and was not able to get a backstage/guest pass. BUT, there's still a little hope, I noticed in the tour schedule that they will be in Dallas on July 6th and KC on July 3rd. Both these cities are included in my territory and I am due to visit both of them very soon... I just may conveniently schedule my trips on their concert day(s). Hee heee. Hope to see you guys then. I want a picture with you all dammit. I'm the girl with long blonde hair, 5'5"/petite.

Thanks for all the great music throughout the years! Take care and best of luck to you all, while being on the road.

Cindy Probst

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