[ d e e p P u r . p l e ) The Highway Star

"Now, that's real music, Dad!"

Set list:
"Woman From Tokyo"
"Ted The Mechanic"
"Mary Long"
Tony Ashton Tribute (Lord solo)
"Lazy" (Morse Solo)
"No One Came"
"Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming"
"Fools" (Lord - Morse Solo)
Jon Lord's solo
"Perfect Strangers"
"Hey Cisco"
"When A Blind Man Cries"
Steve Morse Riff Raff (Who, Edgar Winter, Led Zeppelin, Beatles and Stones)
"Smoke On The Water"
"Speed King"
Roger Glover's solo
Ian Paice's solo
"Now or Never"
"High School Hop"
Gillan - Morse solo
"Speed King"
"Highway Star"

The crowd stood on their feet for the first 5 songs. Steve Morse has closed the door on Richie Blackmore ever returning to Deep Purple. He adds a new modern special sound to the band. His solos were all professionally played. He is now a driving force and co-leader of the band. His interplay with Jon Lord are all perfectly intertwined. He smiles from the first note to the last note played. His interplay with Ian Gillan was awesome and friendly. His introduction to "Smoke On The Water" with classic riffs from The Who, Edgar Winter, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones was very unique very well done. Steve Morse is a permanent member and driving force of Deep Purple.

Ian Gillan has outdone himself with his short cropped hairdo and his hot pink leather pants to his prancing around on stage with his bare feet. Ian is a character. Ian tells short stories to each song. Ian Gillan's percussion play has improved greatly. His voice was fresh and clearly heard. Ian Gillan was very friendly to the crowd.

Jon Lord's solos were all excellently played. His sound was thunderingly solid. His tribute to Tony Ashton was on a blues theme that Tony Ashton would have greatly appreciated. Jon Lord and Steve Morse were featured many times throughout the show. Jon Lord featured many special sounds mixing it from blues to classical themes.

Ian Paice's drum solo was a very special treat. He used one hand in sections of the drum solo and played what normally two hands would play. His play was outstanding. His beats were very tasty and grooving. His interplay with the band was well done.

Roger Glover was a firm foundation of sound for the band. His solo was outstanding. His interplay with Ian Paice was a driving force of the band. Roger Glover's appreciation for the crowd was outstanding throughout the performance. He shook hundreds of hands. Roger Glover is truly a professional.

The sound of the band was clear and precise. This performance was filmed for a special DVD. It is a must see for all Deep Purple fans. The track "Fools" is a special treat featuring Lord and Morse.

"Abandon" was abandoned - nothing played from this CD. I personally missed some sounds from this CD. My son Derek is a new Deep Purple fan at 14. He enjoyed the show and he simply stated "Now, that's real music, Dad!" It is trully a treat for me each time Deep Purple play in town. I rate this show a 10 and I personally look forward to viewing the DVD when it is available.

Dave Mason was the warm up feature. During the DVD recording of Dave Mason the speaker told us to pretend that we enjoyed the show so that it would be edited in the final remixing of his DVD. The crowd was well pleased with Deep Purple and there was no pretending of crowd appreciation. The crowd all left pleased. Great performance, Deep Purple!!!

Frank Eckert

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