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From a Skynyrd fan...

Greeting Purple Fans! I am a LONG TIME Lynryrd Skynyrd fan and also a mostly Southern Rock fan... but damn, Deep Purple blew Chicago away a few weeks ago.

I must say I knew some of the songs they played but the others I hadn't heard of before really rocked. I finally write this after listening to the radio station that hosted the concert continue to claim that the Purple set was the best live show some of the DJ's had ever heard - which is saying a lot for the many shows they host and sponsor each year. After the show my buddies and I hit the CD stores to find some of DP's later releases and they are all excellent. I would be excited to see DP again, but their show would have to be at least a Bruce Springsteen style 3 1/2 hour set to hear half the songs I would want to hear live.

The keyboard player, Jon Lord, has to be the all-time most underrated rock keyboardist of the rock era! He should be on everyone list as best rock organist! He was awesome/amazing!

Take care.

Steve L.S.

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