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That is an understatement for the Sunrise concert.

I was not going to go but then the fact that it was being video taped changed my mind. Maybe they are doing something special I thought. It was not sold out and tickets were still available listening to GATOR 105.9 who were giving some away and also stated tickets were still available.

I wish now I hadn't gone as until this concert I had at least never been bored to death from start to finish with the current line-up at previous shows. Live, Lord, Paice, Glover, and Gillan still gave off a great vibe at the shows I saw previously but not this time. The band is on auto-pilot playing greatest hits. They are no longer stretching the limit or improvising. Or rather the intensity is no longer there. Everything sounded canned. The "new" old songs didn't do anything.

One pair in the audience front row had a towel claiming DP Mark 7 was the ultimate?!? Yet the majority of songs are from the Blackmore era. Must have been an inside joke as one of them was wearing an "In Rock" cover print t-shirt!!!

Oh well, at least some people enjoyed themselves. But the audience continues to dwindle whereas other bands of their era can still pack them in.

If the band are now inclined to do canned greatest hits, I don't understand why they don't get into an agreement with Blackmore to tour every few moons to fund the pension plan. At least we will get the real Deep Purple playing with fire and brimstone with water throwing to douse the flames! And not playing second banana to other bands.


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