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Purple hot as hell

How do you begin a description, or a review of a band that fulfilled, beyond description, every rock and roll fantasy, every wish, since you were old enough to realize their contribution to rock'n'roll?

Last night at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield, MA was the inception for far too many dreams come true, than can be conveyed in mere words. In a nutshell, one must profess their profound appreciation for one of rocks most formidable forces. None other than Mr. Ian Gillan, without whose divine intervention, this fan, and his family, would not be expressing our thoughts.

One will read therein of the Purple pages, the thoughts and views of their show. We have all read that the shows were superb, and that they have shone, time and again. They are, no doubt, on top of their game. From my perspective, it just doesn't get any better, and they had total command of the audience. Ian expressing time and again, that the 'vibe' from the audience was fantastic.

This was my first show with Steve Morse at the helm, and for my humble opinion, while he's three albums and countless show's into the band, let there be no question that he IS, deepest of Purple. Comparisons are often made, yet the role has been filled: Gracefully, admiringly, and brilliantly. Back to divine intervention.

I had asked back, only a few weeks prior, if Ian might be interested in providing a bit of help to my nine year old daughter, who is the Ambassador to the Massachusetts chapter of the Arthritis Foundation. Within days of this request, he responded quite graciously, and has become the newest member of my little girl's team, to which will be named: 'Gillan's Caramba!' for this years walk, in his honor. He also made arrangements for tickets and full access passes, which we were not only appreciative of, but left last evening in complete and total awe. I cannot express just how personable, open and friendly Ian is, or Roger as well as Steve. For those of you who've had the opportunity - you know exactly what I mean.

My daughter, and my wife as well, quite honestly, had the time of their lives, and both share the thought that we not only met the greatest rock'n'roll band that has ever been, but also met people whom you cannot help but admire, and consider your friends. While they typically enjoy music (sic) regarded as 'Having a good beat that you can dance to', they were left breathless by the sheer energy and dynamics of the show, and topped with a memory which can never be beaten, as my daughter was pulled from the crowd to share the stage, and microphone with Ian, to sing "Hush" Fantastic would be an understatement.

This was a show that gave everyone what they came to see: Rock's greatest, giving us their best. God bless to Ian, Roger, Steve, Ian and Jon, and thank you for being who you are, and keeping the legacy alive.

Love and Peace.

Brian, Teresa and Meghan Caseau

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