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The whole band were having a blast

The preceding act was so loud it rattled my nostrils. The stage was reset quickly, and the band was on the stage before I expected. They carry themselves with dignity and in harmony with each other. One fine example of this was when Steve took the solo to the slowed section of "Fools". Gillan and Glover took maracas and tambourine and just seemed happy to be there .The only way to describe the simplicity of that moment is... 'Friends'.

"Smoke On The Water" got everyone to their feet, but like the rest of the show, was edited due to time restrictions. I really would like to be in one of those crowds that sings the chorus with them for 5 minutes. "Hush" and "Highway Star" were the encores. Gillan really is a credit to the fine and lost art of public speaking and representation. I've always thought he was hilarious and irreverent, and in contrast to the act before them, he elevated the mood with intelligence. He seems to have great balance on his feet, and moves with seasoned grace.

Roger Glover was very friendly and has a unique stage presence. He and Steve do just a little 'Status Quo' move with their guitars, for those who don't know it, it's like 'swinging saxophones', or similar. They don't overdo it, it's fun.

Steve's guitar style is always a pleasure - powerful southern overdrive with otherwordly overtones. Excuse my over-wordlessness. Jon Lord always gives that aura of high musicianship, and cool boogie woogie in the same measure. Ian Paice is the model for rock drumming in my book, but I miss both of their solo spots, where they build up the momentum with their respective dynamic. There just wasn't enough time in the set to show everyone's, but they proved it as a unit. The best band on the Planet.

Mark Campbell

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