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Good old fashioned rock'n'roll

The DP show at Smirnoff Music Center in Dallas, Texas on July 6th was outstanding! Steve Morse is a great replacement for Ritchie; (no offense to Ritchie or his fans, which I definitely am one!) and he fits well with the rest of Mk 2! They were very gracious performers, and for a bunch of old guys like myself they can still ROCK! I really liked the fact that they were like other UK bands in that their musicianship and their showmanship spoke for itself. No glitz and glamour required to put on one hell of a good rock'n'roll show that whole families can enjoy. No need for an R or an NC-17 rating here and that's important these days. Good old fashioned rock'n'roll is coming back; and Deep Purple is definitely the spearhead!


Westerlund Family

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